Ledford Alumni Band

Started in 2014, the Ledford Alumni Band has enjoyed several events through the last few years together. We have participated in several parades, Alumni nights with the high school band and other fun events with the Ledford Band and community. Please contact us if you are interested in participating. We have two FaceBook pages dedicated to the history of the band (Ledford High School Band Alumni) and the other to keep alumni up to date on the current events of the Alumni Band (Ledford Alumni BAND). Please join the pages and look through the Ledford Alumni BAND page to see exact dates and times of any upcoming events.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Bobby Callicutt @ OR Stephanie Meyer @ 


We want to thank Greg Gibson and the Ledford High School staff for supporting the Alumni Band. While the Alumni Band is not an official organization of Ledford High School or Davidson County Schools, the school has allowed us access to the band room, music library and instruments as needed. It has been an honor to once again represent our Alma Matter!