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Please indicate in each blank how many of each item you would like to purchase. Remember, there is a limited qualitity of each item and size. First come first serve. CHECK THE WEBSITE BEFORE PURCHASING as it will be updated frequently or email me first to make sure what you are wanting is available. Thanks - Stephanie   (

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"Shades of Blue"...

_______  Crew Neck (2XL)

_______  T-shirt (Small)

_______  Long Sleeve T-shirt (Small)

"Arabian Nights"...

_______  T-shirt (Small)

"The Grid"...

_______  T-shirt (Med)

_______  T-shirt (Large)

_______  T-shirt  (XL)

_______  T-shirt (2XL)

_______  T-shirt (3XL)

_______  Long Sleeve T-shirt (Small)

_______  Long Sleeve T-shirt (Med)


"Ledford Bands"...

_______  Toboggan (one size)