August 2018 Boosters Meeting Minutes

Thursday,  August 9th, 2018

Band Boosters Meeting Minutes 

– Morris Thompson welcomed all parents and guest

Tim Reid – Treasurer

– Festival Comparison listed was given out to all attending

– need everyone that day, BIG event

– 2017 year was a great year with biggest profit

– important that Band Fees are paid

– Many fundraisers to help with band fees

– Income Statement Compare was given out to all attending

– Band Camp Fee Summary Sheet with all kids participating was given out

– 27,246 in band fees collected in 2017 – 2018 year

– 2100.00 in festival ads sold so far

– Mattress Sale had 2075.00 profit

Stephanie Meyer – Fundraising/Festival/Ford Fundraiser

– 2018 – 2019 Fundraising Calendar was given out to all attending

– T-shirt orders go in the white box last day to order September 10th, 2018

– Popcorn Fundraiser will start August 23 – September 6

– Festival will be September 29th, 2018

– Volunteers will be need please sign up under sign up genius

– looking for tents, coolers, ATV’s and volunteers

– No home ballgame that Friday night, will be away game but band not attending

– Sell AD’s for program at festival, 50% will go to band account

– Ford Fundraiser will be September 15th , 2018

– Need volunteers for Ford Fundraiser

– Will have hamburgers and hotdogs at Ford Fundraiser come have dinner

– Need 300 people to test drive, can make 6000.00 that day

– Website:

Helen Flynn – Volunteers

– Sign Up Genius in on the Website

– Need volunteers and items for Festival

Tammy Snow – Band Camp/Concessions/Event Meals

– Thank you to all that helped with Band Camp – Server, Cook and Clean Up

– many donations were received and Thank you

– Hamburger/Hotdog Fundraiser tonight – raised 435.00

– Need volunteers for concessions at ball games please sign up

– We have so far Band Camp Donations – 550.00 (Zion and Shady Grove Church and UNC


– Granny’s Doughnut, Food Lion, Bella’s, Terry and Shannon Saintsing (meat for tacos),

Wendy’s Wallburg and Hope City Church did Papa Johns pizza on Tuesday night dinner

Terry Saintsing – Equipment Management

– looking for pullers for the trailers at competitions and away games

– pit and prop sign up on website

Morris Thompson – President

– Thank you to everyone for coming and welcome to LPYMA

– remember to sign up on the website and help volunteer

Next meeting: September 11th, 2018


1st – Cindy Mendenhall

2nd – Mitch Snow