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LHS Panther Regiment

2020 Band Fees

In order to run a band program like ours and provide all the opportunities that we do, we need funds. The pandemic has unfortunately curtailed many of our activities for the 2020-21 school year, however, the Panther Regiment still persists and is working hard to retain the marching program during these trying times. During the 2020 band camp, your child receives all of the music and instruction they will need in order to be successful in the marching band. They will soon be fitted for one of our band uniforms. All of this is costly. During a normal year, the band dues would be $335.00. However, given that the competition season and football season has been curtailed, we have reduced the marching band dues to $100.00 per student which covers everything listed below:

The $100Band Camp Fee covers:

  • Music and drill (pending) for our field show
  • Additional instructors for the marching band season
  • ONE 2020 Field Show shirt  (extras will be available for purchase at an additional cost)
  • All NEW marching members will receive ONE LPR t-shirt to be worn @ select band functions  (extras will be available for purchase at an additional cost)
  • 2 pairs of black marching gloves
  • Uniform dry cleaning


  • Part of the uniform is a compression shirt that is worn underneath the jacket. ALL WIND AND PERCUSSION players MUST purchase this at a cost of $50.00.
  • New marchers will need to purchase marching band shoes @ $40.00/pair.
  • Colorguard members will pay an additional $65 to cover the cost of their uniform, which is unique to each year's show.
  • Any student using a school-owned instrument (including all percussionists) will pay a $25 rental & maintenance fee.  School owned instruments include: Piccolo, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Mellophone, Tuba and ALL Percussion.

Total Fees (including compression shirt) for 2020Marching Season:

(Please note which amount applies to your student)

  • $150for RETURNING marchers NOT needing marching shoes (includes compression shirt)
  • $175for RETURNING marchers that play school owned instruments (including percussion) not needing shoes.
  • $190for NEW marchers requiring marching shoes
  • $215for NEW marchers requiring shoes AND that play a school owned instrument
  • $165for COLORGUARD members
  • Payments can be made through the Paypal links below, via CHARMS, paid by check and delivered to Greg Gibson, or mailed to LPYMA c/o Greg Gibson 140 Jesse Green Rd Thomasville NC 27360.
  • All checks are made payable to: LPYMA
  • Payments will be recorded in an account that will follow them throughout their high school career. Accounts are maintained by the LPYMA Treasurer and tracked through the online website CHARMS which you will have access to. Account records are also duplicated through QuickBooks which is maintained by the Booster’s Treasurer.

IF you have any questions about your student’s account, please contact Bobby Callicutt ( and do NOT pay via this site.

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Band Shoes 

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Compression shirt 

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