Fruit Fundraiser

Help support our organization by participating in our annual fruit sale! We have partnered with Florida Indian River Groves to provide you with the freshest fruit available. Your fruit will be harvested the very same day it's shipped to us, ensuring that you receive fruit that is hours off of the tree. Now that's fresh! Now's the time to pick up a box of Navel Oranges that are sure to be bursting with flavor or a box of sugar-sweet, Indian River Red Grapefruit. And don't forget your friends, family, and coworkers. Everyone loves Fresh Fruit From Florida! Thank you! We appreciate your support!

Follow the link below and you can place your order directly through this website. You can choose to have it shipped or you can choose to have it delivered with the rest of the orders to LHS for pick up. Please be sure that when you see this during checkout: Which seller would you like to credit for this order? that you use the drop down box and choose the band student you would like for your purchase to help out.